This view shows a specific submitted message. You can access this view via a menu item, the automatic forwarding after successful submission in the form view, or by scanning the QR code (direct link).

A new menu item of this view is created by creating and configuring a menu item of the type "Single message":

  1. Create new menu item
    (Joomla Backend - Menus - <Your menu> - Add new menu item)
  2. Select menu item type (Menu item type - Select - AttendanceLists - Single message)
    Selection of the menu item type: AttendanceLists - Single message

    Selection of the menu item type: AttendanceLists - Single message

  3. Enter a menu title
  4. Make the settings
  5. Save

How the view works

The view shows all the information that was inserted when the corresponding message was recorded. There is a QR code with a direct link to this message. This QR code can be downloaded in order to bring it to the event and present it to the doorkeeper. The doorkeeper is able to create time stamps (entry times, exit times) within this view if he has the appropriate permission. In addition, an administrator with appropriate permission will be able to edit any information in the message or delete it.

Menu settings

Menu item - Settings

Menu item - Settings

  • Select the item ID
    (The ID of the message to be displayed)